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Anti-anxiety Nootropics

Many people experience various forms of anxiety disorders nowadays. Some sufferers prefer not to treat their condition with medications, while some people receive a treatment with anxiolytic drugs.

As of today, most commonly used anxiolytics are benzodiazepine tranquilizers. They are effective, however, they have a lot of side effects and may cause dependence. There is alternative for such medications. Certain nootropics drugs can be used to treat anxiety with a lesser risk of adverse reactions.

Adaptol is used since 1979 as a treatment for anxiety, ADHD, and certain cardiac disorders. It has GABAergic, cholinergic, serotonergic and adrenergic activity. Adaptol (also known as mebicar) decreases norepinephrine and increases serotonin levels in the brain. The drug also has nootropic properties. In clinical trials, Adaptol is shown to improve associative thinking, logic, attention and mental performance.

Afobazole is a novel nootropic drug that has anxiolytic action without GABAergic activity. Afobazole acts on melatonin MT1, MT3, and sigma-1 receptors. Its active ingredient is Fabomotizole. In clinical trials, Afobazol was shown to inhibit MAO-A, and increase NGF and BDNF nerve growth factors levels.

Stresam is a non-benzodiazepine tranquilizer developed in the 1960s in Germany. As of today, it is registered in 42 countries and used mostly in Russia, France, and South Africa. In clinical trials, Stresam has shown treatment efficacy similar to Alprazolam and Lorazepam, without causing withdrawal and rebound anxiety typical for such medications. In does interact with GABA-A receptors and stimulate neurosteroid synthesis. Besides that, Stresam has significant neurotrophic properties. Studies suggest that Stresam may be used to improve functional recovery after traumatic brain injury.

Grandaxin is a benzodiazepine anxiolytic developed and produced by Egis, Hungary. Its active ingredient is Tofisopam. Despite the fact that Grandaxin is a benzodiazepine derivative, it does not cause sedation, drowsiness, and withdrawal. The reason for that is its chemical structure which differs from 1,4 benzos like Alprazolam or Diazepam. It is used in Europe and Russia to treat generalized anxiety disorder, panic attacks, and alcohol withdrawal syndrome.

Another efficient anxiety remedy is Phenibut. It has a significant anxiolytic activity without hypnotic and sedative effect and also has nootropic properties. Its acts primarily on GABA receptors, studies on animals also revealed dopaminergic effect. You can buy phenibut without any problems; but it has abuse potential and often used recreationally at very high dosages, which may cause withdrawal after cessation.

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