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Performance enhancing nootropics

Currently, our company working on the development of the new drug forms of performance enhancing nootropics. They include:

Mildronate, also known as Meldonium. Mildronate is an antiischemic drug developed in the 1970s. As of today, it is used to treat cardiac disease and in sports. Besides that, it has nootropic properties and sometimes used to treat cerebrovascular disorders. Mildronate prevents accumulation of intermediate products of fatty acid oxidation by inhibiting carnitine biosynthesis. It is most effective in the treatment of heart ischemia and its sequelae.

Phenotropil, also known as phenylpiracetam. It is a Russian nootropic drug with stimulant action. Phenylpiracetam used in the treatment of asthenic conditions, chronic fatigue, and traumatic brain injuries. It is widely used off-label as a cognitive-enhancing drug. Several clinical trials suggest that this drug can be used by both healthy adults and people with chronic fatigue.

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