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Percardia's Approach

Percardia's VSTENT™ Myocardial Implant represents a potentially new and novel approach to relieving ischemia by delivering oxygenated blood from the left ventricle of the heart to a targeted coronary vessel. One unique aspect of the company's approach is that is it allows for more flexible delivery options for patients requiring coronary revascularization. The company expects to develop different delivery systems allowing the VSTENT™ Myocardial Implant to be implanted either in an open surgical, less invasive surgical environment as well as percutaneously or through the patients femoral artery in their leg.


VCAB™ Surgical Delivery System
The VCAB™ Surgical Delivery System has been developed to provide all the components necessary for a cardiac or cardio-thoracic surgeon to implant a VSTENT™ Myocardial Implant device using less-invasive surgical techniques. The product development strategy is to provide the surgeon all the components necessary to achieve a repeatable and reliable implant procedure. Currently, the VCAB™ Surgical Delivery System consists of six components that work in concert to access the heart chamber, create a channel in the myocardium, and position and deploy the VSTENT™ Myocardial Implant. The implant procedure is performed in under 5 minutes making the system an elegant, easy solution.


A non-sedating benzodiazepine Grandaxin

Grandaxin is a 2,3 benzodizepine derivative that exempt from side effects typical for 1,4 benzodizepines. Tofisopam, an active ingredient of Grandaxin, does not have amnesic, muscle relaxant or sedative properties. Besidess that, it does not form dependence unlike commonly used tranquilizers.


VPASS™ Percutaneous Delivery System

In preliminary studies, Percardia has demonstrated that a VSTENT™ Myocardial Implant may be deployed percutaneously using techniques commonly employed by the interventional cardiologist. Percardia plans to leverage the data generated during human trials of the first-generation VSTENT™ Myocardial Implant to help accelerate the development of the second-generation VSTENT™ Myocardial Implant designed for percutaneous delivery. As currently envisioned, the VPASS™ Percutaneous Delivery System will consist of the following:

  • Access and Puncturing: Integrated imaging and puncturing technology that will provide the visual information required to safely position, direct and puncture from the vessel through the myocardium and into a heart chamber.

  • Delivery and Development: Catheters for delivering, positioning and deploying the VSTENT™ Myocardial Implant at the site of treatment.

Note: The VSTENT™ Myocardial Implant, VCAB™ Surgical Delivery System and VPASS™ Percutaneous Delivery System devices are in pre-clinical testing and are not currently available for sale or use in any country.

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